Friday, 21 November 2014

The Theatre Workshop: A refreshingly unique experience

Drama is considered to be the art of mastering the artificial… however the deeper one delves the more one realizes that it is anything but.
The theatre workshop conducted by the school did indeed excite us all inducing eager anticipation right from the moment of its announcement. It is not often, though, that this excitement is sustained till the very end, although that’s exactly the feat that this session had achieved… an experience indelibly etched into all of our minds.
Conducted by an expert in his field of drama,acting coach Shaun Williams, the workshop was not just an invigorating and an immensely enjoyable experience but also thoroughly productive in developing inherent skills in each one of us. A master of many trades; be it the direction of popular advertisements of even acting in them, our coach managed to keep us engaged in a plethora of varied activities fit in the measly period of a few hours which will last for a lifetime. Waking up early on a Saturday morning had never felt better.
Acting is all about comfort. Versatility. Imagination. And that is precisely what we explored through the very effective means of games… the first rule of acting is never to present any circumstance with the advantage of causing one embarrassment.
We started with walking. Slowly changing our pace, our style and imaginary purpose, situation, location and, of course, effective interaction with our counterparts. Evolving our circumstance according to vague directions to reach that specific destination that let us express ourselves most effectively. Acting, indeed, comes not from without, but stems from every pore within.

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