Friday, 21 November 2014

Podar Summit '14

Let’s get Syria-s, right away.
The delegates at the Podar Summit 2014 stepped out of their (mun)dane closet of sweatshirts and skinny jeans and into perfectly tailored outfits making everyone proud. The Summit shifted between nebulous intellectualism and common-gossip mongering, and we are here to spill it all for you to consider.

The Podar Summit consisted of committees that have been the cornerstones of the United Nations. The  UNSC (Security Council), UNHRC (Human Rights Council), DISEC (Disarmament and International Security) and ECOSOC ( Economic and Social Council) boasted their intellectual and stimulating discussions peppered with wit and humour. Podar Summit put us on a time machine back to the 1930's. Taking us back to the times of the infant steps in International diplomacy: with a large-looming world war, the delegates altered history for a better future, something we are very good at doing at Podar.
Our very own Bir Ma’am, with her ravishing smile, highlighted that the conclave is the true essence of education come alive. Priyanka Chaturvedi, keynote speaker, gave the delegates the perfect metaphorical shot of caffeine they needed. She beautifully portrayed diplomacy as a give-and-take relationship and that the spirit of the United Nations was to take all voices into consideration.

With bright-eyed delegates, flying mentoses and powerful opinions, Podar Summit sailed towards an invigorating and highly productive weekend. The level of debate, the working papers and the resolutions aptly conveyed what Podar Summit was all about. Three eventful days of debating averted the World War 2 and solved the Great Depression (well, yes!), got delegates working and passing full-proof resolutions.
The timing of the Podar Summit could not have been better. As our PM made a historic speech at the UN General Assembly, Podar students, in their own humble yet assertive way, debated. They voiced out their opinions because they understood the power of speech. They knew how a Podar Summit pad, a country placard, a Redbull and a strong opinion could change the world. Like, solving the Great Depression and the Manchurian Crises.

It was hard to settle back into our normal world after those three days but yes, we surely experienced something which is going to stay embedded in us for a very long time. And who knows, we might save the world in the coming future just as we did in the past?
All in all, a mun-tastic experience.

‘A sprinkle of debate, dash of diplomacy and a taste of world power.’ That’s what it was. Period

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