Wednesday, 18 June 2014

From a cherished initiative to a business concept.

Here at RN Podar, each student is constantly achieving something or the other in various fields. While we have quiz champions, we also have three students who continued an initiative they undertook for their special assembly all the way to a social innovation relay. 

Take a look! 

"We call our trio (Mahima Dev, Aryan Agrawal and Shreya Bansal), Team Alchemist because we believe in good health, growth and sustainability just as the medieval chemists pursuing the elixir of life. Project Samriddi was a cherished initiative we took up as a part of our Special Assembly, Little Experiments of Change. But our attachment to it didn't end at that. We jumped at the opportunity of participating in the HP Social Innovation Relay. And yes, Project Samriddhi it was! We amalgamated our basic concept of Financial Inclusion with an Organic Movement involving the formation of an Organic Producer Company to benefit the Indian farmer. Our school teachers encouraged and supported us all the way. Behind writing all the concept papers, surveys, analysis, presentations, interactions with international mentors there was so much we learnt. And before we knew it we had made the Top 10! I guess, we got lucky. 

Hopefully, it's just the beginning of a long journey"

- Mahima Dev. 

P.S - This team has reached the finals of the Social Innovation Relay. Top 10 teams in the country. See more here -  

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