Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Crowning the New Champions

The Landmark Quiz, one of India’s largest open quizzes, is organized annually across various Indian cities since 1992 and is hosted by the well-renowned , No.1 quizmaster of India- Dr. Navin Jayakumar. The Mumbai Round for 2014 was held at Rangsharda Auditorium in Bandra which saw teams from various walks of life competing for the title. With teams from corporate houses, quiz clubs, colleges and other institutions, school teams like ours definitely felt out of the final race standing absolutely no chance in front of such experts. With a thin ray of hope and confidence but with the determination to win big, we made it to the venue at the last moment (courtesy Mumbai traffic) when the Preliminary rounds were just about to commence. While we were just coming to terms with the intense competition we were being subjected to, the Preliminary round was enough to floor the bits of confidence we somehow had managed to save from the nasty pangs of reality. With a projected score of 11 out of a possible 40, we had lost all hope to make it to the Stage finals. With exit on our minds, we had almost packed our stuff by the time the results were to be announced. But destiny’s script had our roles extended even after the interval, as in the most unexpected turn of events, we had not only managed to make it to the stage rounds, but had also scored the  highest score for the day, which was not 11 though(9). Also, we weren’t competing with the seniors in the finale, but with teams from other schools and colleges! Once on the stage, it was a completely different game altogether. By the third round of the five-round finale, we had achieved a good lead from the other college and school teams. But then again in an unpredictable turn of events, another team managed to break the lead and despite us answering each and every question in the final buzzer round, the finale ended in a close finish with the team from Campion School, Fort winning the title prize by a margin of 5 points while we had to settle for the silver medal. But losing out on the grand prize wasn’t that disheartening, as the journey from a state of no hope to emerging as one of the winners in India’s largest open quiz was more rewarding. And when as a result of your efforts, your school’s name is uttered with respect by the most talented and sharp brains in the room, you know you have achieved something big.

- Aditya Trivedi, Arpit Jain, Hindol Hazra.

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